adee phelan

Adee Phelan: Celebrity Hairstylist, Tells His Story During A Sknhead Product Line Photo Shoot

Adee Phelan: Today I’m bringing you an interview with one of the superstars of British barbering, and a man who needs no introduction: Adee Phelan. From starring on TV Show…

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The 3 Best Cordless Clippers And Trimmers 2017 Review By Barber Harry Pirate

Today we going to discuss The 3 Best Cordless Hair Clippers And Trimmers in 2017 and  Review By Barber Harry Pirate He is one of my favorite barbers to talk…

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How 360Jeezy Waves, Rose From Broke Salesman To Youtube Sensation

  My talk with YouTube sensation 360Jeezy waves: From near homelessness to rising star: 360jeezy At the CT Barber Expo in Connecticut, I landed one my best video interviews ever…

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