Razor Bumps FREE Shave With Kiehls & The One Blade Razor (Especially For Black People shaving)

After struggling with razor bumps for months on end I finally discovered how to keep my face maintained- without the painful razor bumps. To help those who struggle with similar issues I’ve created a video series detailing how to overcome those dreaded razor bumps. Today I will show you all my shaving routine. The video will showcase my shaving routine and teach you all how to shave razor bump-free and discuss the amazing Kiehls shaving kit. I’ll discuss the benefits of a one-blade razor and explain the best style of shaving. This shaving process is great for those who suffer from razor bumps or ingrown hairs. This is a great routine, especially for black people, who suffer from ingrown hairs often.


The Products That Prevent Razor Bumps And Irritation

The first step in my shave routine is to gather all of the products that I’ll be using. I use a variety of products to ensure that I get a clean, razor bump-free shave. I use the stick ‘n’ stone exfoliator to remove the hairs from my face and dislodge any that are stuck. This helps reduce the chances that I’ll develop ingrown hairs. I’ll also use the finest badger brush because, not only is it very soft, but the bristles are strong. This will be gentle on my face which helps prevet both irritation and razor bumps


For the shaving process itself I’ll use a scuttle to keep the water I use warm and ensure that my pores are open. I use a one-blade razor for shaving which is one of the best razors that you can find out there. The one-blade system is perfect for anyone who suffers from ingrown hairs because it doesn’t cut the hair deep within the skin, rather parallel to the skin. I prefer to use Kiehl’s shaving cream due to its gentle nature. I also use energizing facewash to open up my pores when I shave. I use Kiehl’s brushless shaving cream to create a barrier between the exfoliator and my skin, or if I’m in a rush, I’ll use it as opposed to my normal shaving cream.


When I finish shaving the products I use include the alum block, a natural antiseptic, in case I get any cuts. It’ll also close my skin pores. I’ll also add the age-defender power serum to moisturize the deeper part of the skin along with the aging defender power serum moisturizer to moisturize the upper and lower parts of the skin.

Preparing For The Shave Using Kiehl’s Products

Before I begin, I always open up my pores by running warm water over my face. This prepares the skin for the shaving process and reduces the risk of ingrown hairs or razor bumps. Once I’ve completed that I’ll use Kiehl’s brushless shaving cream to create a barrier between the stick ‘n’ stone exfoliator due to it being a tad bit rough on the skin. I go against the grain of the skin to get the hairs out of the skin. This is done with quick flicking motions. I then wash my face once more the get the shaving cream off of my skin.



Once that is done I prepare the shaving cream that I’ll use for my one-blade razor by placing it into the scuttle. This keeps the shaving cream warm. I will then use the brush to apply the shaving cream to my face. It’s important that you get a nice foam when applying. I will then apply the towel to my face for 2 to 3 minutes in order to open up the pore and relax the skin. This will also soften the beard. Opening up your pores is crucial when it comes to reducing razor bumps. Having closed pores when shaving is the best way to get irritated skin.


I then apply the warm shaving cream right away. When applying the shaving cream I use circular motions for a light exfoliation. The brush will also help raise the hairs to ensure that they are cut clean and even. I recommend a brush with a small bowl to help you feel more comfortable. When applying the shaving cream be sure that it is foaming. Having a light foam will make the shaving process much easier and hold those hairs up straight, aiding you in the shaving process. Having hairs standing up outright will help you reduce the risk of hairs ingrown hairs.

One-Blade Razor Shave- Preventing Razor Bumps And Ingrown Hairs

When shaving, I use the one-blade razor to ensure a clean-cut and reduce the risk of ingrown hairs. When I shave I prefer to stretch the skin to make the process smooth and easy. I recommend a razor with a pivoted blade to make shaving under the chin much easier. My blade is crafted using the finest German steel, making it a great way to shave. I use the Turkish style of shaving which, as opposed to down the skin and across, I shave down and diagonal. This reduces the irritation of the blaze. The Turkish style of shaving is also a great way to prevent razor bumps or ingrown hairs by not changing the way that the hair naturally grows. The one-blade razor does a great job of ensuring that all hairs are cut clean without digging into the skin and increasing the risk of razor bumps or ingrown hairs.


If my shaving cream dries out I’ll first remove the old shaving cream and put the new shaving cream on top. I do one last quick check to make sure I’ve gotten all parts of my face and move on to the next step. Having dry shaving cream left on your face will make the shaving process more difficult. Dry shaving cream is worse than none at all.

Post-Shave Protection To Keep Razor Bumps And Ingrown Hairs At Bay

I first wet my face before moving on to the next step. I first use the alum block to clean my skin and reduce the risk of infection if I have any small cuts. The alum block will reduce the risk of infected cuts. This will also help prevent razor bumps from forming. You’ll feel a slight sting where you have cuts because the alum block is an anti-septic.  When using the alum block be sure to lightly wet the alum block. If you have any cuts that are bleeding the alum block will stop the bleeding right away. I let the alum block and water on my face to dry naturally.


Moisturizing will ensure that the hairs can grow naturally out of my skin without going underneath. This will not only lower the risk of ingrown hairs but also razor bumps. This will also close my pores, further reducing the risk of ingrown hairs. I first use the deep moisturizer to get deep skin moisturized. I spread it all over the face. Next, I will use the normal moisturizer, sealing the deep moisturizer under the skin and closing the pores.


And there you have it! The best way to shave and reduce the risk of razor bumps or ingrown hairs. This method of shaving is great for Afro-Caribbean men as we have curly hair and sensitive skin. Our curly hair makes it far more likely for the hairs to want to go underneath the skin, resulting in ingrown hairs. When you shave be sure to keep everything you use warm to keep those pores open. As stated before, closed pores are the number one way to get irritated skin. And with that, I wish you happy shaving!

Also be sure to check out my how-to prevent ingrowing hair video to





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