How To Zero Gap Andis Slimline Pro Li And Adjust Trimmer Blade For A Sharper Line Up haircut

How To Zero Gap Andis Slimline Pro…The Andis slimline pro li is one of the best trimmers on the market. This trimmer is perfect for barbers looking to find a blade that can easily and quickly trim a beard and lineup haircuts perfectly. If you want to get a perfect lineup haircut, zero gapping your blade will aid you with that.

Zero gapping your Andis trimmers ensures that you’ll be able to create accurate, tight lines. You may be wondering, ‘how do I zero gap the slimline pro li if it’s such a good blade’? Well, Larry The Barberman has your back. Today I’ll be showing you how to adjust the slimline pro li blade in order to achieve sharper lines and the perfect lineup haircut without the hassle! This method is the quickest and easiest way to zero gap your trimmers.


How To Zero Gap Andis Slimline Pro Li Plus Trimmer Blade

Adjusting the Slimline Pro Li requires only one tool. All you need to adjust the slimline pro li trimmer is a small Phillips head screwdriver. The best part about this blade is that you’re able to zero gap the blade and then put the blade back onto the trimmer. This sets the blade in place.


In order to zero gap the Andis slimline pro li, the blade first must be removed. This is as simple as removing the screws that hold the blade in place. Once the blade is removed, you can begin the next process.

How To Zero Gap Andis Slimline Pro Li Quickly And Easily

Before moving onto how the blade can be zero gapped,  it’s crucial to understand just what the blade is made from. The trimmer’s blade has a simple design that consists of just a few parts. The first notable part is the ‘t-guide’. The t-guide gives a platform for the blade to rest on when it slides from left to right. In order to zero-gap the cutting blade, the t-guide needs to lifted up to allow the cutting blade to rest on the comb.

How To Zero Gap Slimline Pro
How To Zero Gap andis Slimline Pro li

To adjust the t-guide, simply loosen the screws that hold it in place and adjust the t-guide to your desired position. It’s best to refrain from removing the screws entirely. When you adjust the t-guide, make sure that it’s not totally parallel with the blade. It should be 4-5 hair strands above the cutting blade. This makes sure that you don’t accidentally cut yourself when you’re lining up your beard. Like any good barber, double-check that the blade and the comb are totally even. This ensures that you get straight lines.


When you tighten the screws hold the t-guide in place. Be sure that you’re gentle with the screws so as not to damage the t-guide. Be sure that the screws are totally tight and double-check that the blade is tight. You’ll then want to put the blade back onto the trimmer. Be sure to check the blade to make sure that it’s totally straight before taking it out on the shop floor. Every barber’s worst nightmare is cutting a client out on the floor. Once you ensure that the blade is safe to use you’re good to go!!

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Larry The Barberman is proud to help barbers become better at the craft through a dedicated youtube channel and website. Whether you need to know how to adjust the Andis slimline pro li or need to learn how to get that perfect lineup haircut, Larry The Barberman has you covered. Now that you have the perfect zero-gap blade, go on and get those haircuts done!


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