How To Clean Wahl shaver, Andis And Babyliss Foil Shaver To Avoid Cross Contamination

How To Clean Wahl shaver, Andis And Babyliss Foil Shaver

I get a lot of people contacting me wanting replacement heads for their Wahl Shavers, and quite often this is because they’ve been damaged during cleaning. Easily done, but also completely avoidable if you know how to clean and sanitise it the right way! Follow these simple instructions to ensure a longer life for your Wahl Super Shaver Shaper head.

The Correct Steps How To Clean Wahl shaver without Damage

After you’ve detached the head, the first thing to do is to just tap it against a hard surface to shake the hair loose. After you’ve done that it’s time to start the cleaning process, and here’s where a lot of people make the same mistake: trying to use a wire brush. The foils on this shaver are very thin, and it’s incredibly easy to break through and tear them if you use a tool that is too bulky or abrasive.

How to clean wahl shaver
How To Clean Wahl shaver


My top tip is to use a toothbrush, as this is the perfect shape to brush against the plastic without touching the foils at all.

Another Phase Of How To Clean Wahl  Shaver Without Touching It

Once you’ve brushed down the sides you have two options. If you want to be fancy, you can use a can of compressed air to blast away any loose hair, however in my experience, I have found that using a simple rubber blower is just as effective and a lot cheaper than spending up to £5 on a can!

Once that’s finished you should move on to cleaning the actual unit. Always clean the blades before you start on the base, otherwise you’ll find you have to do the base again when hairs are dislodged from between the blades. Once again, use the toothbrush to clean it and then pump some air to get rid of any stubborn hairs.

Now Santise Your Foil Wahl Shaver…

Now you’ll need to sanitise it – this is crucial because the shaver is coming close to your clients’ mouths, leaving a high risk of cross-contamination and breakout. In the video I show two different options for sanitising spray, the Clipercide and the Andis Cool Care, Oster also make an alternative. Any option will disinfect your shaver equally well, however I recommend the Cool and Care because it has a much fresher, citrus smell. Give the blades and foils a small blast, making sure that you don’t over-saturate the unit, then gently wipe everything down and clip it back together to finish the job!

I hope this tutorial has given you everything you need to avoid damaging your Super Shaver Shaper, however if you have damaged your Wahl Shaver Head then you can find replacements here at. We also stock replacement chargers since those are prone to breaking with heavy use.




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