Learn The Amazing Story Famos (Scott Ramos) Of Saints Barbershop Winnipeg, Barbering King Pin Shares His Secret To Success

I Got to Interview Famos from Instagram

I hope some of you were able to tune into my first ever live Instagram interview. Which was broadcasted directly from the Nomad Barbershop in London to your Instagram feeds! The interviewee was none other than the wonderful Canadian barber Scott Ramos aka Famos, here in England for the Great British Barber Battle.

If you missed the live broadcast, then you can still catch the whole interview right here. So get comfy and enjoy the wisdom of a particularly talented barber.

Famos is a Rockstar in Barbering

It’s easy to think of Famos as a Rockstar of barbering; he has a huge following and gets a lot of positive attention from fans and other barbers alike.

I wanted to know how he got to this point, but ever the humble barber Famos tells me “I have no idea man, it’s still extremely overwhelming to me. But to answer your question, I think it’s just being myself – ever since I first picked up my clippers at 12 years old.”

He Has Impressive Friends and Connections in the Barbering World

Scott has also picked up some impressive friends and connections within the barbering world. This is a testament to his ability to connect with people from all walks of life.

In particular, he considers himself to be extremely lucky to have worked with the wonderful Eric Pacino, and tells me all about the inspiration Pacino has brought him and how they first met:

If I was a musician, I would have a certain drummer or guitar or singer that I would follow, listen to all their music, read about them, do research. So as a barber I was always looking for somebody I could follow, see what tools they used.

I found a couple of guys on YouTube, but Eric stood out for me. I downloaded Pacino’s app I was watching his videos and learning about different techniques and clippers, and from the success of his app, he did a tour.

I took a week off work to go and see him with money from commission on product sales that I hadn’t even realized I’d earned. I met him, shook hands, and then and there realized the power of social media. It was eye-opening”.


Famos’ Path into Barbering

Now, some of the stories I’ve heard about Famos before he found barbering cast him as something of a bad boy. But speaking to him face to face it seems more the case that he was a resourceful youngster willing to do whatever it took to get by:

I didn’t come from a rich family, but always appreciated nice things – so I would steal things like clothes and sell them to get money for clothes of my own and food. This is also when I started cutting hair, trading haircuts for money and food”.

He Had a Passion and Aptitude for Barbering

While it may have started as a way to make money at the schoolyard, it quickly turned into something that Scott had a clear passion and aptitude for. So, he joined a hairstyling program at a local college.

Unfortunately, while it’s become increasingly common for men to study hairstyling courses, at the time he was the only guy in the class – and found that students on other courses would make fun of him, to the point that he dropped out. Luckily for the rest of us, his family was able to convince him to head back and finish the course: the rest is history.

After getting his training, Scott worked in a range of shops for many years, before finally deciding to set up his own shop last September.

He said, “I think I could have opened my own shop a long time ago, but I go with my gut – I had so many opportunities, but when I moved back home after traveling the world, that’s when it started to come together. The shop represents me, and I’m glad to have my big brother beside me as well as an excellent team.”

Doing Battle

Recently, British barbers have been jumping on board the barbering battle trend, something that’s been going on in America for quite a while now. Like a lot of top professional barbers, Famos has certainly been involved with barber battles; as I already mentioned, he came across to the UK for the Great British Barber Bash, and also has plenty of experience with the big US battles:

It’s scary. The first time I ever competed was in a hairstyling competition, all women, high fashion – a lot of bright colors. It wasn’t my thing. I did a fade on the model with a rose design, and I could hear that the judges didn’t like it. I didn’t place so it was quite discouraging. Then while in Montreal I started networking, and booked last minute for a barber battle with Exotics in Miami.

I didn’t know you were supposed to sign up online, so I turned up ready for the combover category and it was full. There was an opening in the duplicate category, but I managed to trade with another barber for the fast fade category: 15 minutes to do the best haircut. I was the last one to finish, but in 15 minutes got the model’s long hair down, blow-dry did some styling… and ended up winning the fastest fade with the lowest time.”

For me, this is undoubtedly one of Famos’ most inspirational stories: the fact that he just took a chance, threw caution to the wind, and made it work. It goes to show that as a barber, and in any walk of life, you have to seize whatever opportunities you can and do everything to get the best from them.

Famos is Carving His Mark

Barber battles aside, there’s a lot more to Famos’ work, including the invention of the 4 AM fade, a style that he was responsible for creating. As with any creative art, Famos tells me that the best ideas draw on inspiration from elsewhere – in this case, from the exaggerated edge parts that Filipino barbers popularised a while back.

Scott started working with this basic idea, coming up with his own three-line design and using another popular barber, Julius, as his model. He tells me that one of the best things about the 4 AM fade is that it’s not a cool design, it also has a story behind it, and went on to lead to another great friendship with Diego, a barber who won a contest for creating the best 4 AM fade and then went on to tour with Famos.

Scott has also made his mark in another way: with a fantastic logo designed to be simple and instantly recognizable. Taking the form as a pair of scissors positioned to form the letters S.R. – Scott’s initials – he started using it as the design for branded pins, positioning them in photoshoots to ensure his brand was visible. This is something that has taken off among other barbers since Famos popularised it!

Famos’ Fantastic Advice for the Next Generation

Before I let Famos get back to enjoying his time in London, I wanted to find out what he wants next in his career, and any advice he has for the hungry up-and-coming barbers out there. Having already achieved so much professionally, he turns to personal life when looking at future success. He says, “I want a little Famos man, I want to marry, I want a family.”

I have no doubt that he’ll achieve whatever he sets his mind to, and his advice to younger barbers is an absolute testament to that: “Put in long hours, practice, practice, practice, appreciate life, be grateful. Don’t complain, and if you find yourself complaining work harder. If people make fun of you, work harder.

Always try to be different, be inspired, reach out, connect. Save up. Fly places, travel, shake hands. Brand yourself, make business cards… eat Nandos chicken. Always try to believe in yourself”.

Follow these words of advice and you can’t go far wrong! If you want to find out more about Scott’s work and the brand he has created then I highly recommend checking out his website, www.wearesaint.com. There you can also pick up some fantastic branded clothing and help support the work Scott’s doing. For more of my work, head over to YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook, where you can find more interviews as well as some helpful barbering tutorial videos: I hope to see you there!


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