The Best 5 US Hair Clippers Review: Oster, Andis, Wahl

The 5 Best US Hair Clipper Review: Oster, Andis, Wahl, Going into any profession, it is always important to have the right equipment. You can’t very well slay a dragon with a broken sword or throw a rock concert with a busted banjo. For barbers, tools are especially important in the department of clippers. The wide range and selection available in today’s market can be overwhelming for barbers who are just starting out – let’s see if we can make it a bit more simple.

Understanding the difference between motors before  My US Hair Clippers Review

There are three general types of motors that are used in clippers: magnetic, rotary, and pivotal motors. Each offers its own advantages and disadvantages:

A magnetic motor – A magnetic motor has two arms and one that moves the bottom blade while vibrating. This motor type is used in weaker clippers but it is one of the most wide-spread motors used by professionals.

A rotary motor – A rotary motor has its bottom blade on a cam that will move it in a circular motion. These tend to be used in the most powerful of clippers and stay cool under duress.

A pivot motor – Pivot motors with an arm that pivots the bottom blade and creates a tight, almost hacking motion. Despite sounding slower, these motors are actually very powerful and quite fast, as well as quiet while in use.

For a point of reference, let’s take a look at some of the clippers reviewed by Larry “the Barberman” Campbell and Fabian with Champs Barbers.

US Hair Clippers Review
US Hair Clippers Review

First US Hair Clippers Review: Oster

Up first for review is the Oster Classic 76, which utilizes a rotary motor. This is a well-used clipper noted for being used in the U.S Army to handle higher volumes of haircuts. This clipper is a tough model, sporting an unbreakable case and carbon steel cryogen blades that stay cool no matter the usage. The Oster Classic 76 is highly recommended by professionals and for long hair. The Classic is great at reducing time on haircuts by allowing for fewer strokes and finer textures. This clipper is a practical powerhouse, in short. If there were any major drawbacks, it would be that the blades are detachable, so barbers might have to invest in some replacement blades straight away. For high volume and multifaceted haircuts, the Oster Classic 76 really is a classic choice(sorry for the pun, folks).

Along with the Classic, there is also the Oster Fast Feeds. As a partner to the classic, the Fast-Feeds is an interesting tool. While it doesn’t have the range of its sibling, it does offer some major perks in terms of texture and choice. Fabian explained that it is very hand for fades, fades on women as well, due to the texture the Fast Feeds produces. It’s lighter body is also useful for those with carpal tunnel or arthritis. As an everyday clipper, it is certainly useful, but perhaps not a “must-have” for a beginner or lower volume barbershop.

Second US Hair Clippers Review: Andis

Next up for review, we have the Andis Masters. A sleek, powerful clipper, this particular model is lauded as being great for beginners and for fades. The aerodynamic design comes with aluminum casing and stainless steel, self-sharpening blade. The Masters also comes with two levers on either side of it to help measure for hair lengths and precision; a must-have for fades, as it measures between zeros and point-fives. As a drawback, the Andis Masters power does come with a slight cost. Pumping out 1400 strokes per minute, this clipper isn’t recommended as much for everyday usage. For those getting started out, it is a great clipper, however, and offers a nice texture to cuts.

In the same vein, the Phat Master is a similar model to the Andis. It has a brown powder coating and offers a velvety texture with its cuts, measuring from 1A – 2 in terms of fades. Fabian and Larry discussed how the two clippers could be used to provide a full hair cut with a very unique texture. Still, not as much for everyday use, but a nice addition to a clipper collection.

Third U.S. Hair Clippers Review: Andis

Last, but certainly not least for review, is the Wahl Senior. This clipper is the most widely used for barbers. With an immense range for different kinds of cuts, fades, and styles. Even at 7200 strokes per minute, the Wahl Senior doesn’t overheat and tends to be one of the more long-lasting in the clipper family. The options for this clipper are broad and it comes with a simple metal and plastic case. Though it doesn’t quite glitter as much, the Wahl Senior comes highly recommended by Fabian and Larry.



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