The 3 Best Cordless Clippers And Trimmers 2017 Review By Barber Harry Pirate

Today we going to discuss The 3 Best Cordless Hair Clippers And Trimmers in 2017 and  Review By Barber Harry Pirate He is one of my favorite barbers to talk clippers with, since not only does he really know his stuff when it comes to the technical element of doing great barber work, but he’s also an active barber in a busy shop who knows how important it is for a clipper to perform well under that kind of pressure. You can read all about Harry’s inspiring career in this recent blog post; today, though, I’m going to be drawing on his expertise to give you reviews of three of the best cordless clippers available right now.

One Of Harry Pirate’s best cordless clippers In our Review Andis Slimline Pro Li,

Let’s jump straight in with the first review, and Harry’s thoughts on the Andis Slimline Pro Li, a cordless clipper which uses the lithium-ion battery to make sure that this clipper stays strong:

People who follow my channel will know that I am in love with these: they’re the best trimmer you can buy. In my opinion, they’re as powerful as the Wahl corded detailers, and once they’re zero gapped they’re amazing – I can’t fault them.

This cuts the closest, the way you can adjust the blade is great, and for me, it’s all about the power. When I do head shaves, and the client wants their hair razored, I will always use this to do a quick buzz over first. It’s very portable too”

It’s important to note that some barbers have had a few issues with the power button breaking, and that’s something that you should definitely be aware of – in Harry’s experience, though, this hasn’t been a concern. I also ask him how it compares with the iconic T Outliner: there are pros and cons to each tool, but although the Outliner does cut a little closer and a little sharper, for Harry it’s the Slimline Pro Li that wins.

In fact, he gives it a formidable 10/10 rating… a tool that deserves a spot on your shelf.

The 3 Best Cordless Hair Clipper: Trimmers 2017 Review With Harry Pirate
The 3 Best Cordless Hair Clipper: Trimmers 2017 Review With Harry Pirate


One Of Harry Pirate’s best Cordless Clippers In our Review: Wahl Magic Clips

Next up we have the Wahl Magic Clip Cordlessone of the classic clippers that receive a lot of well-deserved praise from barbers across the country. Here’s what Harry has to say:

“There are a lot of things I love about this – the first being, obviously, the power. It stays powerful right until the very end. The blade is great as well; it has a little stagger tooth blade, which means that every other tooth on the bottom blade is slightly shorter.

They call it crunch blade technology, and what it does is give you a very nice texture when you’re fading: it almost fades for you and you really do notice the difference. And that’s because of the whole package –  the ergonomics, the power. Even though I use Andis tools I will always go back to this, I use it for clipper over comb, and I use it for fine-tuning fades if there are little shadows”.

Wahl’s blade technology is a great selling point for several of their tools, with a range of different blades available, including that crunch blade that makes the Magic Clip so great. This is one of the key factors that leads to a very respectable 8/10 from Harry, and he adds that “I wouldn’t have this in my draw”.


One Of Harry Pirate’s best Cordless Clippers In our Review Andis Supra ZR,

So, there’s one cordless clipper left to discuss, and for a powerful cordless tool, Harry and I agree that you should turn to the Andis Supra ZR. Let’s jump straight in with Harry’s thoughts:

“Honestly, these are brilliant. The great thing, obviously, detachable blades. These are great for everything: clipper over comb, detailing, you can line with these – if you put the 000 or 0000 blades on it’s as close as a detailer! The power in this is amazing. You have three-speed settings, and even the lowest speed is really powerful.

They have a wonderful build quality too, very chunky. I think Andis have really done a great job with these and I think it’s genius having the three-speed settings. I use the top speed for clipper over comb, turn it down to mid-speed on beards, and turn it down to the low speed for edging. But there’s no loss of speed!”

Getting good power with a cordless clipper is something that I know some barbers worry about, but with the Supra ZR that doesn’t need to be a concern! Harry rates them at 10/10 and I’m happy to agree that these are an excellent choice for a cordless clipper that can take down the bulk.


If any of these clippers have piqued your interest then you can find them at my store – just use the links below and feel free to drop me a message if you have any questions. I’d also like to invite you to come and join me on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook, where there are plenty more views, reviews, and interviews to watch and read.

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