Andis T Outliner, How To Fix Adjust Them For The Best Performance

Andis T Outliner How To Fix Adjust Them For The Best Performance, if you use the Andis T-Outliner, and you’ve found that there’s a rattling problem, or they are not cutting when you turn it on, then it’s time to tune-up or learn how to fix and adjust them for best your trimmer. Without taking the steps to fix it your hair trimmers really won’t be able to cut properly – luckily I have the solution, in a few easy steps. If you get confused at any point, don’t forget that the video itself provides an actual demonstration, so you can see exactly what I’m referring to.

Andis T Outliner How To Fix And Adjust Them For Best The performance

Safety first: please don’t attempt to tune your trimmer without first disconnecting it from the mains power supply! I also recommend using either a rubber mat like the one seen in the video or a towel to avoid losing any of the screws. Once this is done, you can use a small Philips screwdriver to remove the two screws in the front of the casing. Now it’s time to familiarize yourself with what’s inside the T-Outliner.


Andis T-Outliner How To Fix Adjust Them For The Best Performance


Parts Of The Andis T Outliner You Need To Beware Of When Learning How To Fix And Adjust It

At the blade, you’ll see a hole – the blade tension spring hole – and at the end of the spring, there will be a tension spring ball. Moving along, you’ll find the tension spring screw, which is responsible for actually applying the tension to the spring, which in turn holds the blade. Even if your blades are straight and sharp, if this tension is applied in the wrong place then your trimmer won’t cut. There will also be a blade arm, which moves the blade left to right and a magnetic motor that powers the blade.

Where Do You Start With Your Andis T Outliner, When It Comes To How To Fix And Adjust Them For Best The performance?

When you’re ready to start work, the next step should be to remove the tension spring screw and place it safely to the side. Now you can begin to see where the problem is. Use a pair of pliers to lift the position of the tension spring, making sure that it is directly above the hole – making sure that it’s even. Once the position is right, use the pliers to bend it until the ball is actually resting on the blade. This will allow the correct amount of tension to be applied.

When this is done you can replace the tension spring screw – keep turning it until the ball springs into the hole, leaving just a very narrow gap above, in the shape of a half-moon. This is vital for optimum performance – if the gap is any bigger, then your cutting will be impaired.

After the Andis T Outliner Fix And Adjustment, Its Time To Put It Back Together Correctly…

Finally, it’s time to put the front of the clipper back on, but before you do just check that any wires that have become untucked are repositioned inside the case. Once everything is back together, you can turn your Andis T Outliner on and hear the difference. I’ve been able to do this in the UK with the help of the Frequency60hz converter, which powers US barbering equipment outside of America without any performance problems.

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I hope that this information has helped you get your  Andis T Outliner back up to their top performance level: for more great tips and tutorials like this one find me, Larry the Barber Man, on Instagram and Facebook and YouTube. You can also drop me a private message at


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