Tuning, Service And Repair Your Andis Masters for The Best Kick Ass Performances No1

Ever wondered how the professionals perform their Tuning, Service, And Repair of Andis Masters for a kick-ass performance?

This is Larry the Barberman coming at you from barbers.tv with some more ninja tips for your barbering equipment. Today, I want to demonstrate how to perform a full service on an Andis Masters hair clipper. The particular Andis Masters hair clipper that I am working with today has been dropped, so naturally, it is suffering from a lousy performance. What I intend to show you is both how it performs now and how it will perform later after we do the full service.


The Andis Master Before Procedure        

In the video, I demonstrate with a piece of hair. You can see my perspective from another camera, and what you will notice is that the Andis Masters hair clipper has very little cutting power, and its performance is severely lacking. Even after we adjust the power screw, which you can see in the demonstration, and which normally gives it more power, it is not actually causing any kind of change. What that tells me is that the mechanism is out of line.


Let’s Start To Bring This Andis Masters Back To Life

Our first step to perform the service will require a flat head screwdriver so we can open up the Andis Masters. You can see the two screws on the hair clipper in the video – remove them and set them in an area where you will not lose them. I always recommend using a rubber mat, personally. If you lose your screws, you’ll no doubt have to order more from the manufacturer, which will lose you time and, by association, money. To show you a bit of clipper architecture, the part you will first see in this video is the clipper armature. This is the part that is responsible for moving the blade. The next part you will see is the tension screw. As I mentioned before, because the power screw wasn’t responding, that led me to conclude that the tension is out

What’s Clipper Tension  And How Will It Affect The Andis Masters Performance?

Now, when I say tension, what do I mean? In this case, the tension is how tightly squeezed together the bottom blade is, which is the cutting blade, from the comb blade. If the tension is too tight, you won’t be able to move the blades. If it is too loose, it will impair the cutting, even without hair being present. The objective today is to get the tension to the perfect amount and get the power-up so it starts to cut properly once more.


Because the clipper has been dropped, our second step is to reset the position of the mechanism. For this, you will be using a pointed pair of pliers. As shown in the video, you will guide the pointed pliers into the two holes, and turn it clockwise to get it to the point where it stops moving. Funnily enough, it stops at twelve o’clock in the video. Now, what I need to do next is turn it counterclockwise one rotation to reset the mechanism – so that is one full turn until it is back on twelve o’clock, or whatever area it landed on for you.


Finding The Sweet Spot, On The Andis Masters Clipper Tension

With the mechanism in the right place, we are next going to adjust the tension. To adjust the tension, we first need to loosen the screw as shown in the video, which is the tension screw. Next, we will turn the machine one. We want to use our flat head screwdriver, and get it underneath the fork – that is what holds the blade. As you can see in the demonstration, has two Torx screws.

Where to lift the andis master fork to adjust tension


Underneath that is a black piece of metal, which is the fork, and it is what holds the blade. We are going to put the screwdriver underneath it. Now that we have loosened the tension screw and lifted it up, we want it to make a loud rattling noise, as you can hear in the video. When you have it making the noise, we want to turn the tension screw until the noise goes away; that is the sweet point for tension. So, keep turning it clockwise until you hear a powerful humming noise, and we are good!


The Last Piece Of The Puzzle For Powering Up Any Andis Masters

Next, turn the machine off. It is time to reassemble it and play with the power screw so we can get the best maximum power. You’ll remember me mentioning the power screw earlier when deciphering the issue. What we want to do is bring the armature closer to the motor to give the hair clipper more power. Mind, if it gets too close, it will make a loud noise. What we want to do then is turn it the other way to take it off the arm until it stops making said noise. At that point, we know we have maximum power. That means it will be right on the motor. We want it there, and we also want the cutting blades to be covering every single tooth.


Now, we return back to our piece of hair. Before our adjustments, it wasn’t cutting at all: there was little sound and the blades were barely moving. As a ninja tip, I also recommend a drop of oil to give it even more of a boost. As you can see in the video, once we give it another attempt, it is cutting beautifully now. There you go! One full service of the Andis Masters by Larry the Barberman. I hope you found this demonstration useful!


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