About Me

If you’ve spent much time in the barbering world then you might have seen or heard the name Larry the Barber Man – that’s me, and I specialized in giving barbers the freedom to use the best hair clippers and tools wherever they’re based. My enthusiasm for barbering grew out of visiting America; having made many visits in the past I traveled there a few years ago, while working as a wedding photographer, and realized that their clippers were helping me do a much better job of shaving my head than the UK equivalents. Unfortunately, no converter could power these correctly when I got back to England! Since I have a background in electronics – including a National Certificate in Electronics and experience as a service engineer for Richer Sounds electronic superstore – I decided to solve the problem myself and developed the Frequency60hz converter.

Over the past few years, I have been welcomed by the barbering community, and it’s been a pleasure getting to know so many people who are so passionate about their craft. It is my philosophy that once a person finds what they love they begin an ongoing journey of development – making the most of that journey is what counts! For me, that means continuing to bring barbers the great benefits of the Frequency60hz Converter whilst at the same time learning as much as I can about their skills, and pasting on what I have learnt. Hence you see I have created a host of different how-to videos and barber interviews with industry leaders, on my poplar Youtube channel Larry The Barber Man. Covering barber related issues that could help any barber at any stage in their career.