adee phelan

Adee Phelan: Celebrity Hairstylist, Tells His Story During A Sknhead Product Line Photo Shoot

Adee Phelan: Today I’m bringing you an interview with one of the superstars of British barbering, and a man who needs no introduction: Adee Phelan. From starring on TV Show…

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signature shave

11 Step Shaving Guide For A signature Shave And Shaving Tips For Barbers By Chris Foster

  The introduction of a signature shave and shaving tips for barbers, by Profesional barber and educator Chris Foster of Foss Academy, that will really elevate your barbershop to the…

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pope the barber

Pope The Barber: My After Hours Interview At The Vatican Barbershop With Hers Truly…

Take one look at Pope the Barber owner of The Vatican Barbershop and you’ll be able to see that she’s a person who lives true to herself: from the striking…

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How To Disinfect Your Hair Clippers And Clean Them To Prevent Disease Quickly & Easily

How To Disinfect Your Hair Clippers, Clean And  Lubricate Them During  Customer Consultation Time In a busy shop, it may be tempting to let correct disinfecting of your hair clippers…

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Tyrik Jackson barber

Tyrik Jackson barber Of Premier Barber Institute, Lays Down: The Good, Bad And Ugly Of Barbering In This Powerful Interview

Tyrik Jackson barber bills himself as a coach, mentor & educator as well as a barber, showing that he understands what’s needed to keep the industry going as well as…

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increase battery life clipper

Cordless Clippers: How To Have More Battery Life On Your Cordless Lithium Hair Clippers, By 5 Times

Cordless Hair Clippers: How To Have More Battery Life On Your Hair Clippers How to prolong the life of your lithium clipper batteries sometimes it seems like while the price…

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dl master barber

Pocket Game Author DL Master Barber’s Straight Talking Interview, On How To Get Financial Freedom

D L Master Barber A.K.A Darrin Lyons Paves The Way For Financial Freedom Celebrity barber and motivational speaker DL Master Barber and author of the book Pocket Game is on…

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Trichologist Talks About Common Barbershop Diseases: Folliculitis, Impetigo, Etc

Trichologist: Tracey Walker Shares Top Tips On How to Prevent Barbershop Scalp Related Diseases Trichologist  Tracey Walker Talks About Common Barbershop Diseases: Folliculitis, Impetigo, Etc. No barber wants to see…

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How To Zero Gap Slimline Pro

How To Zero Gap Andis Slimline Pro Li And Adjust Trimmer Blade For A Sharper Line Up haircut

How To Zero Gap Andis Slimline Pro…The Andis slimline pro li is one of the best trimmers on the market. This trimmer is perfect for barbers looking to find a…

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noisey hair clippers

How To stop Noisey Hair Clippers Out Of The Box, With a simple adjustment

How to Stop Noisey Hair Clippers Making That Horrible Noise… I have been getting some feedback from customers who plug their new clippers into the Frequency60hz Converter and, because it…

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