Vick The Barber Talks U.S. hair clippers with Larry The Barber Man


One of my favourite things to do as “the Barberman” is to travel about and learn more about clippers. I took that opportunity to talk to Vick the barber from Timeless Barber shop in Morgan Hill, CA and got insight American hair clippers from an American!

His go to clipper is officially the Wahl Senior. Vick finds it a long-lasting, premium clipper that he has been using for quite some time. The Wahl Senior is his go-to clipper for daily use and has yet to let him down in the several years that he has had it; though, he does advise barbers just getting started out to use the Andis Masters.

For Vick’s go to arsenal, he listed:

  1. Oster Model 10
  2. Andis Masters with the taper blade
  3. Wahl Senior Five Star Edition (favorite of the bunch)
  4. Two pairs of Andis T Outliners
  5. GTX Blade for the Andis T


Vick stated that he likes to keep it simple when it comes to work: simple equipment, simple color palette to his shop in snazzy black and minimal hassle when it comes to his equipment. For tapers and fades, he referred to the Oster 76s and Andis T outliners, though he also went back and said that his clipper team for tapers and fades were the Andis Masters and the Wahl Senior.

I asked his opinion on fast feeds. With a humble smile, Vick responded that he thinks they give great cuts, were very nice to work with and generally enjoyed working with them – however, Vick revealed that the challenge he puts on his equipment had the fast feeds knocked out within four months of continuous, daily use. He stated that he really likes to get to know each clipper and challenges himself to learn them extensively. Even so, he sticks with what has proven to be reliable and of good quality. “I don’t want to borrow a clipper in the middle of a busy day,” he laughed. No one wants to be left unprepared!

Asked about his perspective on the differences between the Andis Master and the Wahl Senior, his two favorites, Vick shared his insight. The Wahl Senior, for him, offers a faster and more detailed cut than the Andis but the Andis, as stated earlier, is better for a beginner barber and more forgiving without a reduction in quality. He also recommended working with Fast Feeds and then working your way up to the Wahl Senior as you get more comfortable with clippers.

And what about the Oster Model 10 versus the BGR Plus? Vick admitted he only used the BGR once before. According to him, they worked just fine but weren’t for him as he’s not a fan of cordless clippers. As for the Oster Model 10, he feels that those are more preferable to him hands-down, even compared to the Classic 76s. He feels the Model 10 is smaller, more manageable and delivers a stronger performance overall.

Sometimes, keeping things simple is the winning strategy and Vick is certainly evidence of such. The insightful barber has his own Youtube channel at: https://www.youtube.com/user/VICKTHEBARBER , where he hosts tutorials, reviews and plenty of resources for barbers.

Mind you, he isn’t the only one who provides resources and videos for aspiring barbers out there, even when out in sunny California!

For those interested in learning more about American hair clippers, check out my site: larrythebarberman.com and stay tuned for more of my interviews and news!




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