The 3 Best cordless Rotary Motored Andis Vs Oster Hair Clipper Review

Today, I sit down with Champ from Champ’s Barbers and Marc Republic, for something of a different style. Today, we’re going to be looking at rotary motored clippers and providing a bit of insight on them.

To kick-off, we’re starting with the BGR, which is an Andis clipper. Marc weighs in, “I love it. I’ve been using it for two or three years now. One thing I will say: it’s heavier on the backend because the battery is detachable. The clipper is obviously much heavier with the battery in. When I’m cutting, you can still feel the weight in the end – overall, it’s a great clipper.”

Asked about using the BGR with Andis guards, Marc continues, “I like the Andis guards because they have the ceramic under-blade. I love the way they feel, the three lines on the back, as they help my thumb have a better grip. It makes the clipper a little heavier, sure, but for me it is comfortable.”

Champ weighs in once Marc has finished, “To be honest, I started using the BGRs thanks to Marc. He showed me last year’s pair, and said, “Yeah, Champ, this is what you need”. It’s a bit chunky, sure, but it’s also comfortable in your hand. You can probably go on all day when it comes to battery life.” Marc also adds, “One thing I want to touch on, as he said, is the battery life. Even though it’s not the new Ion battery, the battery life is still pretty strong. I use them for a full day of work Friday and Saturday and don’t really have any issues with them going down.” Champ adds that he prefers the ceramic blades when it comes to using his Oster, and tells me that Oster blades do a good job when it comes to bulk; for him, it depends on the texture and thickness of the hair.

But how does it compare to a corded rotary motor e.g the Model 10 and the 76, itself being cordless? Marc tells me that he believes there is little difference, and that outside of the weight, he didn’t feel like he personally lost any power whatsoever. Champ adds, “Power-wise, it’s strong. If you put it on the charge stand, and take it off, it comes out really strong. With regards to a Model 10 or a 76, the 75 is obviously bigger. A Model 10 would be roughly the same size, but you’d have to be holding the cord in your other hand to work properly – there’s the real advantage.

Andis BGR Scores:

Champ: 8/10

Marc: 7.5 – 8 /10


Our next clipper is the Lithium Ion Oster Octane. Once again, we start with Marc. “Visually,” he explains, “—it is a beautiful looking clipper. It’s a little lighter than the BGR. If I close my eyes and pick it up off of my station, at least to me, it doesn’t feel that comfortable. The way I hold my fingers and where I place my thumb are at a sort of angle, and it makes holding it just doesn’t feel as natural to me. My only real complaint is the button placement, honestly. It’s a very lightweight and beautiful clipper, otherwise.” We also factor in the sound of the clipper, comparatively. Marc feels it is a little too loud, and also notes that most Osters tend to have a louder noise production than Andis detachables, at least in his experience. Champ adds in his own experience with the Oster Octane, referencing a time when he once on a kid and the noise made him cry straight away. “With this clipper, for some reason I really found that it worked well with comb stuff. When I held it like this, it felt nice, whereas the BGR, if feels like it’s a little bit light for that”

Lithium Ion Oster Octane Scores

Champ: 8 / 10

Marc: 7 / 10


Last, but not least, we bring up the new Andis ZR Super. I pass the floor once again to Marc. “Visually, I love it. It’s a beautiful clipper, and I’m big on design. It has five speeds, which is great, and I really love how smooth it is. It feels good to hold in every position. Plus, it’s got the lithium ion battery in it so the power remains consistent.”

“For a novice barber,” he continues, “—you might want lower speeds. You’d want that to add texture to the hair. The blade is a little slower, so you drop it down to a feather action with the shears. Some guys do a point-cut on the top to mimic shear work, for example, and it gives it that great jagged look. Another cool thing about changing speeds up is the effect it has on light. Lower speed, the light goes down, and so on.”

“I like playing with these speeds,” Champ adds. “I find that when I’m tapering at the back, I’ll sometimes hit a lower speed and the textures of the hair will come out a bit more softly. The battery life is unbelievable, and I’d say it is my go to at the moment for bulk.” The Andis ZR Super comes in very highly.


Marc: 7 / 10

Andis ZR Super

Champ: 9 / 10

Marc: 9 / 10


And there you have it – two barber champs and barber life living professionals weighing in on the top three rotary motored cordless clippers. Be sure to let me know your opinions on the clippers mentioned, whether you agree, disagree, or know of other clippers worth discussing.



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