Oster 76 General Maintenance

What is the Oster 76?

The Oster 76 is the most powerful kind of hair clippers. It uses a rotary motor. Used for bulk haircuts.

Used by the American army to get through high volumes of haircuts.

Pro barber Fabian of Champs barbers calls it “one of the best hair clippers out there.”

Who is this article for?

This article is for anyone interested in maintaining the:

  • Oster 76 Classic
  • Oster 97 (UK Equivalent)
  • Oster Model 10

Why is this article needed?

I travel across the UK talking to my clients, I ask “How are you maintaining your Oster?” Every single one replies I’m just oiling the blades.”

This machine is hard wearing.

It needs a little bit more than just oiling the blades.

The instruction manual is useless

Oyster does supply an instruction manual. However, the instruction manual is:

  • Dated
  • Linear
  • Contains a lack of visual aids.
  • It’s boring.

What do I need?

You will NOT need any advanced equipment or screwdrivers.

You will need:

  • Clipper oil (I recommend Oster clipping oil)
  • A toothbrush

The Oster 76 Setup

  • At the bottom you have two mesh inlets. Designed to suck cold air in.
  • Air flows through the Oster 76 to the drive mechanism.
  • The hot air escapes through the left and right side vents.
  • The Oster has a sprung ball barring inlet – used to apply oil to the sealed drive mechanism housing.
  • This clipper has detachable blades.
  • You must have a Frequency60hz International Voltage and Frequency Converter, for your clipper to work correctly in the UK.

If your machine does not have oil inside the drive mechanism. It will heat up. This will result in overheating.

Step By Step Tutorial for General Maintenance

Start the general maintenance from the bottom to the top of your clipper. Just like a skin fade.

  1. Ensure the mesh is lint free.

Remove the bottom panel. Inspect the mesh. Blow off any lint or dirt. Or use a toothbrush. Check both sides. Ensure you push the teeth all the way in. Clip it down.

  1. Move up the clipper to the sealed housing.

Take your clipper oil. Squirt some oil into the drive mechanism. To squirt oil simply unspring the small ball barring. This is important as it prevents overheating. Spring the sprung ball barring back when finished.

Get a tissue and wipe down any excessive oil.

  1. The Blade.

You need to ensure the blade is well oiled in order to get the best performance.

Detach the blade. Clean the blade with a toothbrush. Clean out any gunk.

Oil the tracks of the blade. This will give you an even slide. This results in less friction. Which means less heat.

Ensure you put the blade on with the motor running! If you don’t, the plastic lever will end up rounding off.

Turn the machine on. Place the blade on the metal snap in lever. Clip it forward.

  1. Oiling the blade

Place a little clipping oil on the front rail. Give it time to seep down the back rail.  Repeat for the other side. Turn the Oster on – This allows the oil to seep in.

Apply a little bit of oil to the: front, middle and centre of the blade. Leave the machine on for five seconds.

Wipe away excess oil with a tissue.

When should I do General Maintenance?

  • The Blades

The blades should be done every two cuts.

  • Sealed drive mechanism

Sealed drive mechanism needs oil every month.

  • Vents

The vents should be cleaned every month.

Did you find this article helpful? Have you got any tips for maintaining the Oster 76?

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