Mens Hair Styling Tips From Experts


Styling is already a staple of barbering, but men’s hair styling is something that many are finding is becoming more and more complex. For mens hair styling tips that are able to keep up with the more complicated demands from the fashion industry, the advice you need should come from those on the forefront of both fashion and barbering.

That is why I am glad to announce that I have been given a chance to host an educational series of DVDs and books that offer more than just mens hair styling tips – they offer an entire refresher course and up the ante on a platform to work from as well as the skills you can learn in the comfort of your own home.

For more information on these fantastic DVDs and other resources for those wanting to up their skills, check out:  http://shop.larrythebarberman.com/education/ and, as always, check out my Instagram for more events, information and even give-aways here:  https://instagram.com/larrythebarberman or visit my website at https://larrythebarberman.com




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