Larry The Barber Man Interviews Kieron and Baldy

Kieron and Baldy are the men behind Baldy’s Barbershop in Buckinghamshire, and they’re not just pro barbers, but huge names on Instagram! They’ve attracted over 50,000 fans among the online barbering community, a perfect audience with which to share their best new cuts – and to take inspiration from when coming up with new ideas.

For Baldy’s Barbershop, the key is in the conversation – Kieron and Baldy place a huge emphasis on the fact that a casual, chatty atmosphere is one of the best ways to attract customers and ensure that they have a great experience whilst they’re at the shop. Of course, don’t let their modesty fool you… their great talent has also been a key factor in attracting people to their shop. Baldy has over 30 years of experience, and Kieron has an impressive 12, and they both started off as unisex hairdressers. Kieron also has the title of British Master Barber, a well-deserved accolade. It’s no wonder people come all the way from Paris to visit their shop!

They’re also part of the New World Barbers, a group of likeminded barbers who come together to work on big and ambitious projects. Just like all the barbers in their group, they take great pride in every single cut – taking their time to create something that doesn’t just satisfy their customers but also their own high standards.

As shorter haircuts have come into fashion they’ve found themselves turning to American Clippers to get the styles that they desire. They love to go as short as possible whenever it’s appropriate, creating a really smart finish, and they’ve found that clippers from the USA are really the only tools for the job. After seeing American barbers use the T-Outliners to achieve shapes and finishes that UK clippers just can’t do Kieron was really keen to start experimenting, and thanks to the frequency60hz converter he’s been able to do so without having to resort to modifying the clippers himself. It also helps them get that beautiful smooth cut that all barbers love. Now they’ve got such a great variety of clippers they’re definitely reluctant to go back to the old ways!

Baldy says that the new trends and changes in barbering fashion keep the job as interesting now as it was when he first started, and the guys at Baldy’s barbers are certainly the people to watch if you want to see all the latest styles.

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