How to Quieten Noisy Clippers Out of the Box!

Recently I’ve been getting some feedback from customers who plug their new clipper into theFrequency60hz Converter and, because it still makes a loud noise, assume that the converter is either faulty or not up to the job… this isn’t the case! To get the smooth sound from your clipper you still need to make some adjustments to the tool itself – this would often be required even if you were operating the clipper straight out of the wall in America. In my latest tutorial, I’m showing you how to make the necessary adjustment to a Wahl Senior. This is a clipper which often needs some out of the box adjustments to make it work without a deafening, rattling noise – the Frequency60hz Converter can do a lot, but sadly it can’t handle a screwdriver for you!
It’s a simple matter of turning a single screw – the tension screw – but a lot of people make the mistake of turning the screw clockwise. This results in a quieter sound, but also stops the blade from operating which is no good to anyone. When people realise their mistake they typically turn the screw back to the starting position and come to the conclusion that the clipper simply isn’t running properly. What you actually need to do is keep turning that screw anti-clockwise; it may be a little stiff but ultimately it will reach the point of smooth sound and proper performance.
If you’re having difficulties or don’t know where to locate the tension screw then watch the video to see me walk you through the steps – be patient, keep turning the screw and believe in what you do. The Frequency60hz converter can allow you to use any American clipper anywhere in the world, however this only works if you know how to adjust your clipper correctly before use! I hope that this How To guide helps you get the most out of your clippers – if you need more advice you can always email me at info@larrythebarberman.com. If you want to see more from me, including other great free tips for getting maximum clipper performance, you can also follow me on Instagram and Facebook.




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