A Simple Explanation: Why do American Hair Clippers Make Such a Loud Noise?

Any barber who has tried to run a popular American Hair Clipper such as the Wahl Senior out of the standard UK mains system with a traditional transformer will be all too familiar with the loud banging sound that is generated. It’s a terrible noise of up to 96 decibels, and it can irritate barbers and customers alike, making it sound like equipment is on the verge of breaking down – but why does it happen? Here’s the simple explanation:

Everything that moves can be described as having its own ‘mechanical movement’ – for a human walking it is the pattern of ‘left, right, left, right’ made by our legs; for a kangaroo moving forwards it’s the succession of hops that help it travel. A hair clipper also has its own mechanical movement: inside the case there are two arms – a moving arm and a fixed arm – with the moving arm pinching towards the fixed one, stopping just before it reaches it, and then returning to its original position to start the motion again. As the arm completes this movement, it causes the clipper’s bottom blade to move from left to right, allowing you to cut through the hair. A clipper from America requires 60 hertz to complete this movement, however British power supplies give a frequency of just 50 hertz. As a result, the moving arm does not pull back quickly enough, and instead bangs loudly against the fixed arm – just like a driver failing to hit the brakes in time and bumping into the car in front. You might not expect such a simple change to have such a big effect, but if you’ve ever tried it then you’ll know for yourself just how loud it can be!

Powering the clipper at 60 hertz rather than 50 gives you faster movement and a quicker reaction – allowing the arm to operate as it was designed to. A traditional transformer only changes the voltage and does nothing about the frequency, but when you want your clippers to stop making a loud noise outside of the USA it’s the frequency that is absolutely crucial. A transformer like the Frequency60hz Converter gives this all important 60 hertz speed. As a result you get very smooth performance, with no excessive noise and higher overall performance. If you need more information then don’t forget that you can get in touch at info@frequency60hz.com, or find out more at the website www.frequency60hz.com – otherwise, happy cutting!

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