I’ve heard that some barbers are having trouble with their UK Andis T Outliners, struggling to get the performance that they expect from them. In order to make sure that you can get the best possible performance from your trimmer, I’ve put together this quick guide that should help you sort things out.

In most cases, issues with the Andis T Outliners are caused by the wrong tension – meaning how tightly the two blades are being squeezed together. Sometimes this tension is in the wrong position, causing the blades to become poorly aligned, and it turn meaning that the clipper just doesn’t cut as it should.

Luckily, this is something that you can fix without having to get a replacement, by performing a tension adjustment on your tool. You’ll need a small Phillips screwdriver, an alcohol or aftershave that will cut away grease, some threadlocker to secure the screw in place, and a cotton bud. Here are the steps:

  • Remove the four screws at the back of the clipper – and make sure you keep them safe while they’re removed!
  • Lay the outliner flat and gently remove the back, being extremely careful with the wires as you do so.
  • Locate the tension spring and tension screw – a hooked shape with a screw running through it sitting directly beneath the blade. Here’s what you should be looking at:


  • Turn the screw to adjust the tension spring, bringing it higher until there is a smaller gap showing – generally speaking this should be just slightly more than a slither, as in the picture below, however the most important thing is to find the tension that feels right for you: keep adjusting until it works!


  • Now look for a small notch cut away from the arm: rest the black wire here. You’ll also find a mould which should be carefully replaced as you replace the back of the clipper. If the red and white wires are poking out, use your screwdriver to gently tuck them back in.
  • Before tightening the clipper back up, test its performance and see whether you’re happy with the results. Keep testing higher tension until you find the ideal results for your cutting style!
  • Once you’ve found the optimum position, carefully unfold the back of the clipper away – now it’s time to lock the tension in place!
  • Start by using the alcohol and cotton bud to clean the tension spring and tension screw, cutting away any grease or oil that may have built up.
  • Take the threadlocker and use it to form one clean line across the screw. If you ever need to adjust the tension again, you will be able to break this bond with a screwdriver – in the meantime it will hold things securely in place.
  • Once again, replace the wire and mould, fold the two halves of the clipper back together and replace the screws.

Once that has been completed, the final step is simply to wait ten minutes for your threadlocker to set – once that is done you may also want to re-oil your blades. And that’s it: now you’ll be able to get the right performance from your T Outliner!

I know this is an issue affecting a lot of you, as you’ve been letting me know about the problem on Instagram, so I hope this post has been helpful. Want to see more tips and tricks like this one? All you need to do is follow me on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook.

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